Meet the agency spearheading brand building in esports. Never just black or white. Building brands for the next generation of fans.

The Esports Architecture Group or teag for short, is an entertainment management and public-relations firm hyper-focused on esports strategies and infrastructure. Our agency is located at the center of entertainment, where we focus on building the brands of tomorrow while reinforcing the brands of today. With a collective 30 years of professional experience across the entertainment and live event space, teag continues to pave the path to new procedures and practices for a definitive 360 solution.  Our logo, "the stairway of your story", represents the dynamism of your brand. The ever-lasting journey to combat new challenges and achieve new milestones. We have a pulse on industries and markets to facilitate a story-telling experience in ways that captivate the minds and hearts of your audience.

We are brand architects. We are story-tellers. Let's explore your story.