Introducing The Esports Architecture Group


The Esports Architecture Group - Announcement

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Los Angeles, California - Today, we are glad to finally announce the beginning of a new powerhouse of an agency. The collective body of: The Esports Architecture Group or ‘teag’ for short. At the bedrock of brands and businesses are foundations. Without them, growth and sustainability aren't possible, opportunities aren't possible, ideas and drive aren't possible. When coming up with the name and concept designs of teag, we wanted it to accurately represent our fundamental mission, and that's how we came up with our logo and name. Simple yet so complex. Enriching and thought-provoking. When you see those pillars, you think levels, lows, and highs, symbolic of the process of designing and constructing. Almost as if you were building out a skyscraper, designing the lengths of game levels, or as imaginative as navigating your dreams, or transitioning from old to new. An image that forces you to stop and think. Teag represents the goals and ambitions we as individuals and professionals covet, the goal of succeeding in a way that has never been done before.

Teag is a multifaceted agency that will focus on the development and reaffirmation of golden standard business practices, initiatives, strategies, and infrastructures in the gaming industry. Dedicated to the present and future of gaming and esports, we’re re-imagining the concept and implementation of how brands and businesses are serviced. Empowering brands and businesses to grow, to resolve, to achieve. Teags collective body offers a full-service suite ranging from production, logistics, people operations, marketing, public relations, and business development. All reinforced to tackle the new challenges of today and tomorrow. We’re committed to building bridges to new markets, setting new milestones and building the foundation of tomorrow. Telling the world your story one chapter at a time.

In the next coming weeks, you will hear more about our story, our core mission, our strategies, and how we fit into the cog of gaming and esports. For now, Walter Sosa, one of the Senior Managing Partners of teag will be at TwitchCon. An event that is synonymous with the growth of our industry and culture. The culmination of who we are and what we'll become, community, subculture, and the rich passion that has driven us all these years to achieve. A perfect place to talk about our past and where we see ourselves in the future. Let’s start the conversation. Let's talk about your story.

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