Giving back to our future esports leaders 



Qualifications for pro-bono services:

  • Must have more than 2,000 twitter followers and no more than 20,000
  • Must be active and show a proven track record of upward progress
  • Must be over the ages of 17+
  • Must follow our morality clause and show good community and social practices
  • Must be able to pass an VOIP interview stage

teag pro-bono services

As part of our elongated efforts to provide services to as many as possible. We understand our services aren't for everyone and not all can afford a luxury of professional services. It has been our core mission to find a middle-ground. teag pro-bono services allow growing and prospect individuals, brands, and businesses, to apply for pro-bono services.

An opportunity to kickstart new initiatives, learn from professionals at teag, while getting the relief of professional assistance.  If you're a growing and prospect individual, brand, and business that would like to apply for pro-bono services, fill out the contact form below. Please keep in mind, spots are limited, at teag's sole discretion, and you must meet the criteria listed below, to ensure applicants who pursue pro-bono services qualify specifically for them. 

Esports will be this culture-bomb that explodes and disrupts the next generation, but it is now more important than ever before, to ensure our current and future esports leaders have the opportunity to grow. As leaders and as people. As part of the ecosystem and trend of upward mobility and sustainability. I’m extremely excited to give individuals, brands, and businesses the opportunity to learn and grow with teag.
— Walter Alexander Sosa, Senior Managing Partner
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