The four touchstone pillars of teag.

The Esports Architecture Group offers a wide range of services. Convenient, cost-effective, empowering, dynamic, like your brand. teag operates around four touchstone pillars, reinforcing your brand values with the passion and attention it deserves. Our touchstone pillars represent our core mission and how we field our expertise and resources to achieve.


Sustaining infrastructures.

At our core, we are fundamentalists who believe in the power of infrastructure. An objective function that solidifies and sustains your business practice, your brand, your workforce culture, and the operational  and administrative duties' of your organization. Here, at teag we are pioneering infrastructure development to ensure for a healthy and sustainable market and industry future. Here are some examples of our infrastructure development service.

  • Organization management 
  • Workforce culture ergonomic 
  • Infrastructure hierarchy & chain of command implimentation
  • Administrative & operations regulations / procedures


Creating formulas.

Formulas have historically solved some of the greatest questions posed to man. We're a fan of them. In our day-to-day, we implement brandable formulas that maximize the problem-solving efficiency that we face in our market. Architecting stories and creating formulas to explore new opportunities, continuously changing the institutional market meta while setting new golden standards. Here are some examples of our concept building service.

  • Creating viral and unique campaigns
  • Researching, auditing, & executing in focal targets
  • Performing B-2-B / B-2-C analysis 
  • Spearheading initiatives & reinforcing your historic ideals


Telling your story.

We are passionate and emphatically driven story-tellers. From copywriting to brand ambassadorship, we do it all. It's in our DNA. The Esports Architecture Group. Built around bringing new and unique concepts to life. Using the 4 touchstone pillars to culminate a story that resonates with your audience, consumers, culture, and your workforce. Every great story is centered around what was, what is, and what will be. Our mission is to serve yours. Our purpose is to find yours. Here are some examples of our story-telling service.

  • Activating online, on-site activations & engagements
  • Sharing your stories in new powerful avenues & outreach methods
  • Conceptualizing & implementing events with teag operational support
  • Engaging your brand with our future leaders through marketing & digital strategies  


Facilitating your success.

Step 4. You've made it. But there is more to be done. The world and its engagement are altruistically beautiful. There is one constant. It is always changing. Preparation and will-to-grow are what makes us stand apart from the rest. Brands are no different. Markets change, opinions change, economics change, we expect you to be no different. In the world of 21st century, we are seeing new changes and disruptions. We accept the challenges of today and tomorrow. At your side one call, email, face-to-face, problem, and solution, at a time. Here are some examples of our solutionist service.

  • Professional full-time, specialty, or transactional advisory
  • Managing your brand, representing your people, & brokering your next step
  • Forecasting market trends & navigating your pipelines
  • Speaking on your behalf and controlling your public-relations profile